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I don’t usually do this but I felt I had to! A couple days ago I found the car I’ve been looking for on Autotrader, I emailed Skyler Peragine at Gage Auto Sales and immediately got a response. I asked what seemed like a million questions about this car and he came back quickly with answers and even sent the car fax for me to review. He was never pushy or had that annoying “car salesman” attitude that we’ve all had to deal with at some point purchasing a car. He was very organized and professional. So we ended up going there to test drive and see our options. I emailed and said we are on our way and he had the car ready for a test drive right when we pulled in. The car was everything they said it was and more, so we started the paperwork. We were literally at the car lot around two hours and drove away with the car and a better deal than we anticipated!! Gage Auto Sales impressed me with every move they made and I am a pretty hard person to impress! You can trust that anyone I know that needs a car will be coming to you first!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for my new car!!! :)

Lyndie Goodwin

Super service, called them on the internet special, they informed me that the vehicle was still in stock, I live in Montana, and explained that I could give them a deposit on my VISA, they accepted, picked me up at the airport, got my loan arranged for me, and of course my greatest surprise, they did the paper work and had me driving home in about 1/2 an hour. Too bad they don't have a Gage Auto Sales in Helena, I always look at their web site now, looking for a truck for my neighbor, and he can't believe the deal I got! Soon he will not only believe, but enjoy the same value and service that I did! If you live in the area and choose not to shop there, that would be a mistake, they have over 200 trucks and cars, Easy Financing, and all the cars and trucks are like new, no junk, no flat tires, dents, broken glass, everything is a TEN!!


I highly recommend Gage Auto Sales to EVERYONE...they are not your typical pushy sales people. I was in and out of there with a new vehicle in less than 2 hours. I had the BEST car buying experience EVER!!! Once I found the car I liked, they brought out the car fax and showed it to me. I didn't even have to ask for the car fax. I was HIGHLY impressed with how laid back they were, and how fast they were able to get me out the door. My sales guy was COREY and he is awesome!!! I hope he gets a HUGE promotion....LOL

I absolutely love my new Kia Sedona Minivan, it was exactly what I was looking for, and I will definitely tell all my friends and family to buy from Gage. Thanks everyone at Gage for superior service!!!! We will continue doing business with you in the years to come.

Daddy Do-Da

We have now made two purchases at Gage Auto Sales. We bought my husband's 2006 Silverado extended cab truck a year ago last August. The salesman, Trey, was so wonderful. We also worked with Jim, on the financing portion for our truck. Both of these representatives of Gage Auto Sales were wonderful. They made the experience a joyful one. We have purchased many cars in our 60+ years, but never have we had such a wonderful experience. We love the truck and my husband even today can't believe it's his. My husband said that if we ever bought another vehicle, he would only go to Gage Auto Sales.

I ran into Trey at Les Schwab on 12/19/11, and he remembered me and the truck ( I was driving my husband's truck at the time because my Tahoe was in the shop). He is great representative of your company. He said if I ever needed another vehicle to let him know, and he took down my phone number. I said, well, do you have a Traverse for sale. He said yes. I got excited and went home and told my husband, and when Trey talked to me and told me the red tag special price, we went right down to see this beautiful crossover. I drove it, and my husband really likes it and we went right ahead and purchased it. We again had a wonderful buying experience with both Trey and Jim. And my husband is very happy because he gets his truck back. I always tell everyone how we went to Gage Auto Sales and what a wonderful experience we had. We even took our then 2-year old Rottweiler, Lucy in with us. We came away with an awesome happy feeling, which I have never had when purchasing a car before.

And now we have had two awesome experiences buying cars at Gage Auto Sales. Everyone, even the sales people that you aren't working with are very nice, greeting and making you feel at home, offering water, and whatever else they can do to make your visit a good experience.

We want to thank Trey and Jim for being so kind to us and giving us such wonderful help. We will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know who wants to buy a car. You guys are the best. I just love my Traverse, and Larry is so glad to get his truck back.


Huge inventory, great service!!. Went there with a buddy that wanted me to check out a Truck he was interested in. Not only did he get one, but I ended up with one also. We looked online at this company’s web site, did some home work, was surprised to find a link to get a free car fax on any vehicle they offered, what a time saver!! After checking out a couple of trucks and the Carfax's we went to Kelly blue books web site and we were surprised to find out that the internet prices were very reasonable.

I put on some old clothes, grabbed my creeper,. And we hopped in my truck and went down there to check out some trucks.

My friend choose a late model ford F-150, the salesman Tim explained how they over look all the vehicles they sell before they reach the lot. I pulled all the dip sticks and saw fresh fluid everywhere, took out my anti freeze tester, and saw that the coolant was new and good to -25 degrees, impressive to say the least. I asked the salesman if my buddy purchased the truck could I have a couple of hours to get it checked out at my shop, sure enough he said yes, ( the compression was perfect!!).

I saw a dodge truck with a Cummins in it while my buddy was buying his Ford, I was so impressed with Tim and the rest of the team there at Gage Auto Sales, and I went back the next day and got it for myself. What a great experience!!

They have over 50 trucks in stock, lots of SUVs also, my wife is due a new SUV before winter hits, I will be back to purchase that one from Gage Auto Sales.

Take it from me, I know cars inside and out, these guys know there stuff, you can shop this store online on in person and find nothing but great vehicles and excellent service.

I see people all the time at my work that drive old cars, I will be spreading the good word about Gage Auto Sales, they also informed me that everybody I send that buys a car, I can expect a reward. Looks like I also found another source of income!!!


First off we have never bought a car from your business, we have seen your ads on TV for several years. Tuesday we were in the Milwaukie area so we stopped by to look around. We were met by a young man who was very polite and quite helpful, but explained that we were not interested in any purchase today. We then met his Sales manager Jim Browning we explained again to Jim that we are not ready to buy till after the first of the year. To our surprise Jim understanding, and helpful we asked him several questions on some of the makes of cars and if you offered financing, which Jim answered. Jim asked if we wanted to leave our numbers so if any specials were coming out he could let us know, or any special interest rates were coming out he would keep us posted. We have never felt comfortable giving out our numbers, to our surprise Jim gave us his personal cell phone number, he said that he took Thursday & Friday off, but we could call him 7 days a week if we had any questions or concerns. We know that Gage Auto Sales is the only place we will buy from, and only from Mr. Browning.

Richard & Susan

Dear Mr. Gage,

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you have been sending us. I personally feel that every one of you are now our customers. We will do our best to keep you and your customers happy. If there are any problems we will make sure they are handled.

I have to say that I am personally very impressed with the way I have seen you do business and how well you take care of your customers.

Jeremy has been great to deal with and we look forward to doing business in the future.

Thanks again,

Matt Stewart
Owner K+M Auto

Greg Gage,

About a month ago you sponsored Kyle Hammond’s trip to Woodleaf with our Young Life group. Kyle is going to be a sophomore at Cleveland, and comes from a stable but very dysfunctional family. He lives with his mom because his dad is in and out of prison.

At camp, Kyle recognized that there are kids who have it worse than him, but they’re happy because they know God. It was this realization, along with a year’s worth of work from myself and other leaders that led him to having a relationship with Jesus for the first time.

I wanted to thank you so much for making this week possible for this young man, Kyle Hammond. Thank you, Greg!


Aaron Kelsay
Area Director, Portland Central Young Life

Gage Auto Sales,

On behalf of the players, parents, coaches and the board of Milwaukie Junior Baseball, we would like to thank you for the support you have given us this year. The donation you provided will give many families the opportunity to create memorable baseball experiences.

The success of our program relies greatly upon support of our sponsors. We believe that by providing an opportunity for our children to play sports, we can take idle time off their hands, teach them to work as a team and encourage good sportsmanship as well as play with pride in themselves and our community.

We appreciate your contribution to the continued success of our programs. We look forward to future success and hope you will continue to share this with us.

We have listed Gage Auto Sales on our website in recognition and appreciation for your sponsorship. Please feel free to visit our website at www.milwaukiejrbaseball.org.

Thank you,

Dana Miller
Milwaukie Jr. Baseball Board
Sponsorship Chair

Gage Motors,

I would like to say thank you for your honesty and GREAT Customer service your company offers. I brought my daughter up to Gage and without any pressure; my daughter now is in a beautiful Ford Edge. Then brought my son up to get a car and on our way up there we were talking about pressure buying, we pulled into your lot and looked around and then was approached by this very nice salesman (Tim Scott). He asked all the right questions, what we were looking for, how much, etc. He took the time to talk to my 21-year-old son and he expressed that he didn’t want to get him over his head, helping him make the right choice. Tim was very soft, honest and great role model.

We found a 2003 VW Passat, low miles and took it for a test drive and then went inside and made the offer.

IT WAS SO EASY… sat down dickered on price and offered some cash down and wrote it up. Then this bigger than life gentlemen (Jim Browning) approaches us and went over the offer, by our surprise his offer was better. Then what we had offered, really no need to write any further the deal was done.
AGAIN!!! Drove away with a great car, great service. I WILL ALWAYS REFER, my friends or family that are looking for a great Auto Lot with nothing but class, and know how to treat people, making them feel like family.

Gage is the Place.

Thank you for your service and friendship. Mr. Browning is a mountain of care and concern for his customers in the most honest way.

Brian Taschereau

I just wanted to say thank you for the courteous and professional manor you conducted your business practice. My wife and I had the privilege to work with two outstanding representatives from your company David Lee and Kyler Culver. David when hearing of my son's recent accident went above and beyond to make my wife as comfortable as possible to get her into the van we were purchasing so she could get back to the hospital and take care of my son and transport him home after a several week hospital stay. I will defiantly buy my next care from you and after telling some friends of my experience they will also be looking to you for their car buying needs. You definitely know how to run a business and thank you very much.

John M. Barnett

Jim & the staff helped me so much never making me feel bad that I have to start rebuilding my life & credit at 64.

A Million Thanks for going the extra mile. I will try to never let your agency down. I will share your cards please share mine.

"Your Thoughtfulness is very much appreciated."

Best Always,

Dear Brendan and staff:

I just wanted to write a note to express my thanks to you all. I had stopped to just "look" at vehicles in your lot by chance, and drove away in a new car that I just love!

I was so impressed by how fast and easy the process was. I had never experienced that before anywhere else. I also appreciated the interest and respect you showed me. Not all dealers treat a single mom with "tough" financing as well.

Brendan was great. Not only did he show me cars that would fit my budget, but he put me in a reliable vehicle which is sure to treat me well for some time to come. He didn’t just show me a used car with high miles just to make a sale.

I will definitely recommend you to any friends or family looking for a new vehicle.

Thanks again!

July 29, 2005

Doug, Joe, Fred and Gage Auto Sales

Dear Doug, Joe, Fred and Gage Auto Sales.

Subject: My Experience

Hello. I finally got some time to jot a quick note of thanks for my experience at Gage Auto Sales. It was a breath of fresh air to see everyone involved really work hard to resolve my unique set of circumstances. I want to note a special thanks to Doug for his patience and willingness to see it through to the end for the customer. This was truly a matter of going above and beyond to help me.

So, once again THANK YOU for your awesome customer service, sales experience, and expertise during the purchase of my car.

I most certainly will come back over and over again.

Best regards,

"Thanks for all your help..."

Without your generosity, the school supplies for the kids would still be sitting in my living room!! Thanks for getting them to where they are needed!

Tim’s sister,

Joe –

I just wanted to send you a note to say Thank You with ALL my heart for your help buying my new Jeep!

Out of all the car lots in this town your time, dedication and care for me was above and beyond any car buying experience I have ever had! You are truly "The Best" I have and will continue to refer all my clients, friends and family to you!

You Rock!


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